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Welcome!  My practice offers the many benefits of experienced, professional massage therapy and structural integration.

Therapeutic Massage: Providing both superficial-layer and deeper-layer modalities, I use a library of techniques and approaches acquired through years of skill building. Each session should feel exceptional, should NOT HURT, and should meet your needs and goals.

Whether you seek a wellness session, a deeply relaxing 'Swedish'-style massage, focused layer work, or clinical/medical/orthopedic massage, expect to receive value for your time and money. My first priority is to deliver effective, individualized treatment in a respectful and therapeutic environment!

Kinesis Myofascial Integration (KMI)

KMI is now know as ATSI (Anatomy Trains Structural Integration):

ATSI is a brand of Structural Integration that promotes balance, ease, and movement coordination. You progress through a series of sessions (usually 12) where you and I work together to effect lasting positive changes. Most people begin to feel the benefits this work offers even in the first session!

For a more detailed description of what you can expect from ATSI sessions, go to creator Tom Myers' website and click the tab 'ATSI / Sessions'.

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